Legacy Software Rescue

Contego Legacy Software Rescue Services

Contego offers great support for your legacy applications.

  • Great Customer Support
  • Quick adaptation of your technology
  • Creative New Solutions

Software Maintenance Groups

Many organization struggle with Legacy Software.  You still need access to the software but you don’t have the resources to maintain it.

  • Your development team has moved on
  • New projects have taken the focus
  • There are too many apps to support
  • The development environment has reached its end of life

Software Development Organizations

You have developed a series of software applications and/or utilities that…
  • Meet your customers needs
  • You have active customers that you don’t want to abandon
  • You are looking to scale back your time in the business
  • You are looking for a transition plan

Application Solution Providers

“It’s time to retire” “But we want our customers taken care of.” “Have you heard of Contego Legacy Software Services?”