Data Management and Integration

Contego Tech Solutions provides database administration and support for industry standard database environments like Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access as well as MySQL.  Our services include user-id administration together with database backup and recovery services.  We work together with third party software vendors, assisting in the systems implementation process for applications that are specific to your industry.


A large challenge of upgrading systems or switching from one software vendor to another is the data management.  Contego can help reformat and clean data during the migration / implementation process to new environments.  We have tools and techniques that help us glean and clean the valuable data during the migration process.  We also work closely with our clients to help them integrate their data between applications and databases so that the same data can flow seamlessly from one application to another.  This can improve your business workflows and efficiency, freeing up your staff for more value-added business tasks.


We have found that facilitating JAD (Joint Application Design) sessions with your key personnel can revolutionize your business and data work flow and change how you think about your business and processes.